Learn from your year in review

Nick Augustine is a freelance writer, broadcaster, publicity and marketing strategist and he teaches SEO and social media. Nick writes legal industry columns for Chicago Lawyer magazine regarding business and career development. Nick is an alumnus of Marquette University and The John Marshall Law School, where he is an active alumni board member. @NickAugustinePR, @APIFCharity and Augustine Legal PR.

We all enjoy a good year in review to measure our progress. If you are an attorney growing your career, pause and ask yourself a few questions: (1) Do I know more law and procedure than I did last year? (2) Do I know more people than I did last year? (3) Did I make a mistake from which I gained experience? (4) Am I happy to work in law?

If you answer all these questions and know that, only you stand in control of your future, be happy and celebrate closing out another year!

(1)    In any career, we gain experience one day at a time, one project and one case at a time. In law, clients often present facts and issues that make us want to stop and scratch our head. I know a few attorneys who seem to be magnets for the bizarre cases involving some dynamic clients and the cast of characters they bring to the litigation table. Stop and identify some of these experiences and wonder how and when your experiences could be relevant later on. You just never know when some otherwise benign experiences could be important when you least expect.

(2)    I hope you were diligent in attending as many networking events as possible. The most unlikely events and groups can yield incredible returns. Who did you meet this year? Are you keeping in touch with this person? Did you connect with this person in your social networks? Did you drop them a note about an upcoming event? I hope that you can report that you know more people this year than before and if you cultivate relationships, you will be open for new opportunities.

(3)    Mistakes are assets. When you make mistakes, you can learn from them and value the experience points. The people who do everything correctly (so they think) miss the opportunity to grow from failure. Critical thinkers know what can go wrong if they already experienced the negative sides of decisions. I think that all my failures and bad decisions are assets in my set of tools to give great service with the benefit of experience. Embrace your experience.

(4)    Why did you go to law school? If you are happy working in law and feel like you are making other people’s lives better through practice, then you should be glad. Face it, most people lack the education and experience to successfully navigate the legal system and serve clients with positive outcomes. Put the salary and benefits aside and focus on the clients who relied on you to their benefit. Be glad if you made a difference.

At the end of the day, life is a big mixed back of challenges and tricks. The more you know yourself, the better you can decide where you want to be and how you choose to live. Embrace your year in review!


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