If the pope can do it, how about you?

Nick Augustine is a freelance legal writer, broadcaster, publicity and business development strategist, and he teaches search engine optimization and social media. Nick writes legal industry columns for Chicago Lawyer magazine regarding business and career development. Nick is an alumnus of Marquette University and The John Marshall Law School, where he is an active alumni board member. @NickAugustinePR, @APIFCharity and Augustine Legal PR, Inc.

He’s Pope Benedict XVI and he is on Twitter @pontifex. I followed him around 7:30 a.m. on Monday and I was follower number 40,447. Only 24 hours later, the pope had 373,114 followers!

Likely, a more conservative figure than many of us, and he finds the value of Twitter. Why don’t more lawyers embrace Twitter? When working with finance clients, I learned how many finical industry professionals get their news and share tips first on Twitter.

Certainly, the Vatican considered a variety of factors influencing the decision to launch into social media. Social dialogue is very much taking place on Twitter. Many influential media industry professionals lecture on the different purpose Twitter takes from Facebook and they recognize the different types of people who use Twitter for business development versus serial Facebook posters.

Just like radio drive times, mobile and web traffic spikes during certain times of the day, from sun up to well past the late shows. Knowing how to use Twitter and Facebook effectively requires proper education and some digital marketing savvy.

I am sure Pope Benedict XVI will carefully construct his message every time he tweets. Important and weighted tweeters often spend more time on their tweets than on writing headlines! Why? Search engine optimization. Yes, SEO and social media work together quite well these days and the trend will continue.

In 2013, you will be hearing more and more about Google plus. Search engine results and Google Business page information will appear well for digital marketers and publicists who know exactly how to blend complementary social media site benefits.

Many of us fell off the Twitter page and some of us kept it up but automatically scheduled Facebook to post to Twitter and vice versa (an awful practice). Frequent, original, quality content now prevails over quantity. There are many additional rules of the game lawyers should follow if they want to spend their time and resources well.

If you do not know what to do with Twitter or why you should care, spend the time to consult with a professional who can help, either by managing your Twitter account for you, or better yet, give you the keys and teach you how to drive.


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