Litigation PR: Changing public opinion at the Divorce Expo 2012

Nick Augustine is the principal of Augustine Legal Public Relations and he helps law firms and their staffs attract more clients and tell their stories about the legal industry. Nick’s marketing, advertising and media team helps attorneys share their knowledge, skills and abilities. Nick earned a communications and rhetorical studies degree from Marquette University and a law degree from The John Marshall Law School where he is an active Alumni Board member.

Effective public relations affects public opinion. Get ready for Chicagoland’s first annual Divorce Expo! You though you knew everything about divorce in Illinois? Take a drive out to Naperville on  Aug. 18 to experience this unique event where speakers and exposition hosts share industry information and resources. From divorce lawyers to investigators, forensic specialists, financial and mental health professionals, the stars of this expo are ready to shine upon an otherwise dark time for families in transition.

Several years ago Christine McQueen and her business partner Joost Allard had a light-bulb moment – why are there wedding expos but not divorce expos? When family members find themselves in transition, during and after divorce, they may need some help. McQueen and Allard are the principals of Split Partners, who help connect families in transition with the right financial, emotional and lifestyle service professionals who make family transitions easier.

Comments from Connie Walsh, speaker/exhibitor, and Allard, co-organizer:

Walsh of Walsh Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC, one of the event speakers and exhibitors, offered the following comments about the event: “I am so excited to be an exhibitor and speaker at The Divorce Expo to be held at the Hotel Arista on Aug. 18. As divorce financial professionals, we need to get the word out to the public at this event, that the financial agreements you sign off on in your divorce decree will follow you the rest of your financial life. Unfortunately, a settlement that looks equal right now may not be equitable for the long term. The divorcing couple needs to take into consideration the future earning potential of both parties when deciding on what is equitable. What’s missing in most divorce processes is financial expertise, which can accurately forecast the long-term effects of the final settlement. This can lead to settlements between parties instead of lengthy, expensive, court trials; less anger and bitterness as each party participates in the decision making  process while taking into consideration the children’s financial needs, if applicable.”

Allard, co-organizer of the Divorce Expo 2012 had this to say: “The Divorce Expo is an initiative that aims to help families from all backgrounds navigate successfully through relationships in transition. This initiative was born out of one of the producer’s (Allard) own experience with the divorce process. Each event offers educational sessions and opportunities to speak with professionals to find new ways to work on improving the relationship, select the appropriate path through divorce if appropriate and how to move forward successfully afterwards. People come away with a sense of better control over the process, and therefore better sense of direction in their lives and the lives of their children.”

I’ll be attending this event and will share the impressions and afterthoughts of the event speakers, exhibitors and attendees who know attend Chicagoland’s first annual Divorce Expo.


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