Non-billable Hours: Sushi Wabi, we will miss you

Katherine A. Grosh is a partner in the commercial litigation and appeals department at Beermann, Pritikin, Mirabelli, Swerdlove LLP and has experience in a broad range of business litigation and appellate matters. Grosh is also a member of the family law department, where she handles family law appeals.

For my weekly sushi craving over the last 10 years, there has only been one choice: Sushi Wabi (842 W. Randolph St.) Sadly, this West Loop neighborhood spot is scheduled to close its doors after April 21.

The sushi has always been consistently good and fresh, made with high-quality ingredients, and their maki offerings creative and interesting.  My personal favorite is the hot daisy roll, which is a delectable confluence of albacore tuna, masago, mayo, sesame oil, green onion and chili powder, wrapped in jasmine rice and soy paper. Another solid choice is the veggie tempura roll, which I always slightly modify to include only sweet potato tempura, mayo and brown rice, with a side of Sriracha sauce for extra spice.  Modify their rolls to your heart’s content, or create your own – the server won’t bat an eyelash.  

For appetizers, I love the gyoza (pan-seared pork and vegetable dumplings served with a vinegar-based dipping sauce and celery) and the aemono salad (seasonal greens lightly tossed in a tart and creamy ginger dressing), and of course, edamame, which has always been perfectly steamed and salted – never soggy.  

For drinks, I highly recommend the ozeki hot sake, and they have a fantastic wine list.

Get in tonight or tomorrow night and enjoy this icon if you can, but if you’re curled up on your couch after a long and stressful week, don’t worry – Sushi Wabi delivers!

Find Sushi Wabi’s menu at


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