Career Focus 2012: Tips on planning for success in your legal career

J. Nick Augustine, J.D., is the principal of Pro Serve Public Relations, a PR firm for law, finance and small business professionals. Nick is experienced in law, business, entertainment, public relations and his Secured Solo Practice™ agency model. Nick enjoys sharing career growth, strategy and experience with legal job seekers and attorneys in transition.

Many people say the best thing about the end of the year is a fresh start in the next. I saw an article today about New Year’s resolutions and how they often fail. There are a few habits you can adopt to help you reach your goals in 2012.

Making lists helps me learn and remember information. I like my lists because they help me see workflow in a mosaic representation. Why do we work so hard? We have lists of things to do. Even if making lists for your lists sounds funny, continue to organize your tasks and visualize your progress.

Reviewing event calendars helps me pre-identify events I don’t want to miss. All good networkers plan their next year during December. Don’t worry if you didn’t follow suit; take the first week in January to identify and plan to attend strategic events that enhance your brand and presence in your community.

Setting SMART goals helps me reach more goals. I will share more soon about SMARTER goals. As it is, the SMART theme focuses on specific, measurable, and the goals you can evaluate to better determine whether your action items move your closer to achieving your goals.

Marketing plans work when they are easy to manage. “Make a plan, work the plan” works when your plan goals are feasible. Time is money and we need to carefully spend our billable time. Allow yourself an hour every day for PR marketing. This will prove, over time, to be a best use of your resources.

Rewarding myself for achieving goals motivates me to keep promises to myself. Setting quarterly goals is a good idea because you can evaluate PR marketing efforts in three-month intervals. Share your ideas, events and content on a monthly basis so the people in your network know your practice and can send referrals.


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