Trick or treat? Document review horror stories for Halloween!

Jill Rorem, Esq., is senior manager, legal staffing at Blackman Kallick ( Jill oversees the successful recruitment of attorneys, paralegals and contract legal professionals. Jill (and the Blackman team) staffs document reviews using qualified contract attorneys and thus, works with attorneys-in-transition daily. You can follow her at

WARNING:  This post is riddled with eye-rolling Halloween puns and references.

In honor of Halloween, I thought it fitting to share document review horror stories for a laugh (though, not a ha-ha laugh, more like an evil witch laugh). Working in the staffing industry makes me privy to some pretty spooky stories (ok fine – it’s gossip, but just for this one Halloween post).  When confronted with situations similar to the bloodcurdling scenarios below, it’s appropriate to run screaming in horror to your next, less terrifying document review.

  1. On one paper document review where contract attorneys were paid a measly $15/hr, dead rodents were found in the boxes!
  2. There once was a document review so petrifying that the fire marshal came to shut it down due to overcrowding.
  3. Goblins and ghouls are not as scary as working in a moldy basement.
  4. There is nothing more chilling than arriving to a project promising 60 hours and time and a half for OT to learn that the hours are actually capped at 40 – especially when you are making $25/hr.
  5. Talk about hair-raising! Recently contractors earning $28/hr learned mid project that their hourly rate was being reduced to $25/hr effective immediately. All I can say is BOOOOO!
  6. Attorneys were herded into a law firm’s creepy basement to sit on hard chairs. They were supervised at all times by a law firm attorney who would not pay them for hours they were required to spend waiting for him to return from meetings. Horrifying AND illegal!
  7. Contract attorneys at work in an agency facility were told not to drink the agency’s coffee, congregate in break rooms, and were forced to take a longer route to the restroom in order to avoid being seen by temp agency employees. Sounds like these contractors work working for the Witches of Code-wick (ok, that was a stretch)!

Document review projects should be less like haunted houses that rattle like the chains in a skeleton’s closet and more like a nice calm game of bobbing for apples (or in this case, bobbing for the relevant documents). Have a happy and safe Halloween full of scary costumes, piles of junk food and spook-free gainful employment!


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