How many fishermen land the big one on the last cast?

 J. Nick Augustine J.D. is the principal of Pro Serve PR, a public relations firm serving law and professional service firms. Nick advises and assists attorneys in transition based on his experience in legal marketing, public relations, and practice management. Nick shares career growth experience and innovation with legal job seekers.

Avoid applicant apathy by practicing confidence and discipline. Apathy is a consistent problem facing job applicants. If you really spent an eight-hour work day job hunting, you would find a position. Too often, I hear people tell me they found a document review position and are not actively looking for work. Happily underemployed are we? Discipline and confidence are your best allies when looking for a new position or a new client.

You think it is tough landing an interview or a call back? Try working in sales or running a business that needs a steady stream of new clients. The process of researching a lead, pitching a meeting, presenting and eventually closing a deal, is quite similar to a professional job search. Do you know anyone who works in client engagement? I would find someone who is experienced in capturing opportunities to meet and earn the interview. Ask people and learn about the flow of business and follow custom and practice.

The great threat to losing clients or a job is apathy. We often get comfortable and take relationships for granted. Try picturing your competitor pitch a current client. Consider the job seekers sending resumes to apply for your job. When we become apathetic, others notice. By exercising a healthy level of fear of loss we exude commitment.

Discipline in job seeking ensures better success. When you treat your search like a paid job you will likely keep better track of leads, organize your follow up and make your best presentation. When you sit you rust; the longer you are out of work, the more comfortable you present. Don’t be too comfortable. A winning candidate must present as eager, confident and sharp. While job seeking, continue to maintain a daily work schedule, dress for success, attend networking meetings and keep the energy level up.

The confidence game is often tough to play. We are often our worst enemy when it comes to having the confidence to execute our plans and shoot for goals. At some point you ask yourself, what does the next successful person have that I don’t? How easily your positions could be reversed. Simply, if you are confident you can execute, you will. If you doubt your ability to deliver, you won’t.

The people in job search mode know the market is competitive. Do the employers know? Don’t they just hear the word on the street? Most employers have some idea about employment rates, and I think many of them think about it frequently. Where it is business as usual for many, applicants should likewise act as if nothing is wrong and it isn’t odd that this is their 500th interview. Don’t wear job terror on you like a stink. If you have paid job gaps, talk about the pro bono at the law center.

By exercising discipline, confidence and a bit of common sense you too can fight apathy and keep your head in the game. Your next job could be just around the corner, just make one more call, send one more resume. How many fishermen land the big one on the last cast?


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