Battling the temperatures

Marty Dolan, principal at Dolan Law and his associate Karen Munoz represent victims of wrongful death and personal injury. His column “Law and Wellness,” appears in the Chicago Lawyer and her column appears regularly in the Law Bulletin. This week’s column is written by Karen Munoz.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how awesome Chicago is in the summertime. And it is. But I do have a few quibbles. Mind you they are very minor and trivial. Despite knowing this, it still irks me.  So if you work in a law office you probably have air conditioning. This may not really affect male lawyers’ as much as female lawyers, but my office is freezing. Like an igloo.

The problem is we have been in the middle of a nationwide heat wave for weeks. So when I walk outside it feels like a sauna. When I leave my house every morning I plan my day’s outfit with both the day’s commitments and weather in mind. Usually I wear a dress, sometimes it has sleeves, and sometimes it doesn’t. I always bring a cardigan but I do not wear tights or leggings, because it’s warm out. But not when I get to the office. Oh no. It’s cold and my skin immediately gets goose bumps. I hate the cold. It’s hard to concentrate and stay focused on researching my latest response to yet another motion to dismiss when my fingers feel like ice sticks.  It also affects my drinking and eating choices throughout the day.  I will usually grab an iced coffee in the morning on my way to work or back from court. It is pretty tasty. Not so tasty once I enter the igloo.  Lunchtime choices if I eat in the office are limited.  Soups feel silly in the middle of summer, but they do hit the spot and warm me up. In a way it is a bit of a comical cycle.

And it lasts all day. I get up and my house is air conditioned. I go outside and it’s hot. I choose not to turn my air on in the car most of the time because I actually love the heat. It drives my passengers crazy. Get to work, cold again. Leave the office for court or a deposition and I enjoy the small sweat I work up lugging all my stuff and navigating the busy downtown streets. But once I reach my destination, it feels like Antarctica again.

Guys don’t really have to worry about this. They wear suits. If they do get cold they have a jacket always ready. If they start to get warm, they can take it off. Their legs are never bare so they don’t have that problem. I have given this a lot of thought but I still don’t have a solution that would work. Maybe Capri suits will make a comeback. Not counting on it though. Oh well, if that’s the biggest problem I have being a lawyer then I am a lucky duck.


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