‘Thinking of you’ e-mails mean a lot

Nancy Glazer is Manager of Legal Launch, LLC.  The goal of Legal Launch, LLC is to provide uplifting, career counseling for 3Ls, recent law school graduates and experienced attorneys.  Nancy offers her clients endless ideas and possibilities to help land them the right job in a competitive market.

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Saturday morning is the time when I catch up on the past week’s articles and blogs about business news and legal developments.  My news feeds also provide me with the weekly business and legal industries’ gossip as well.

When I read an article about a subject that may interest someone I know, personally or professionally, I pass it along with a short note conveying my thoughts.  Not only should job seekers send these kinds of e-mails, but established business leaders and lawyers should too.  This is a fast and simple way to continue to connect with people.

A quick tickler is helpful for a job seeker in several ways:  (1) it shows you are thoughtful, (2) a quick e-mail reminds them of you, should they hear of any opportunities, and (3) it shows the recipient that you care about them and the news items they care about – your relationship is not just one way.  In general, thoughtful e-mails continue your relationship and give you reason to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while again.

Similarly, if you are an attorney trying to market yourself better, sending a news article or an agenda for a future seminar or meeting, all show that you understand a client or a prospective client and their interests.  Recipients will be grateful that you thought of them and will appreciate receiving such timely information.  Keeping a relationship going with clients or prospective clients reminds them that you care about their business and what’s important to them.  If they are contemplating calling you about a legal issue, your breaking the ice makes it easier for them to reach out to you for assistance.

I learned this simple practice from my father.  As a child, I would find all kinds of articles on my dresser about issues of interest.  To this day, my dad, the king of marketing, still sends me articles of my interest from journals all the time.

Lest you think this practice is phony or self-serving, it’s not.  If you truly care about the people in your network and if you care about what they care about, you are just solidifying your relationship.  You are simply showing them that you are on their page.

It only takes seconds.  Subscribe to daily news feeds.  Not only will you stay on top of changing markets, but you will also connect to those in your world.


One response to “‘Thinking of you’ e-mails mean a lot

  1. Good advice. I can’t tell you how often my buddies bring something to my attention that I’m glad I didn’t miss, and that I usually wind up using sooner or later. And I do appreciate their efforts, keep them in my mind, and often reciprocate.

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