7th Circuit project

The 7th Circuit Bar Association Young Lawyers Committee e-mentoring project shares the collective wisdom of the 7th Circuit’s distinguished jurists, lawyers and other professionals, through short video segments about specific areas of the law or legal practice.

The project also serves as a record of this era of legal practice, as told by the luminaries of the 7th Circuit Bar Association.

Launched in 2010, the project now includes hundreds of videos from more than 25 lawyers and judges. [Link: http://www.7thcircuitbar.org/associations/1507/files/1_e_mentor_list.pdf]

Young lawyers are encouraged to participate as interviewers, which allows them to make connections with judges and experienced practitioners.

To get involved or for more information, please contact the chairs of the Young Lawyers Committee: Beth Gaus (312-621-8342),  Christopher Esbrook (312-862-2032), Seth Thomas (317-236-5820) or Amy Lindner (414-298-8376).

— Christopher Esbrook, Kirkland & Ellis LLP


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