Q&A with Jennifer Burnette

Jennifer Burnette is an associate at Marshall, Gerstein & Borun, and her practice concentrates on foreign and domestic patent prosecution and client counseling in the fields of material science, chemistry/chemical engineering, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical and consumer products.  She works with her clients to develop effective prosecution strategies to best protect their intellectual property rights and further their business objectives.

How has the practice of law changed from when you first got into it?

As a result of the market conditions, clients have understandably become much more cost conscience.  It is becoming ever more important to understand a clients business and commercial objectives and develop legal strategies that further those business and commercial objectives.

What advice do you have for law students?

Understand that law firms are often very different with very different personalities and atmospheres.  Look for a firm that meshes with your own personality and one in which you feel comfortable with the other professionals.  Having this level of comfort will aid you greatly in developing your career at that firm through the development of solid working and even mentoring relationships with the professionals at the firm.

What are the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance?

One of the greatest challenges of maintaining a work-life balance is learning to separate work from your personal life and leave work at the office to really concentrate on the important aspects of your non-work life, like family.


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