Meet one of the event speakers

Nick Augustine is the President of ALR/PRA, Inc., a national full service law practice management agency headquartered in downtown Chicago. He took some time to talk about what he hopes to discuss at Thursday’s event.

This presentation offers instruction on how lawyers can organize and leverage their professional brand during transitions to another firm, or solo practice.  Two main ingredients to success are practice development and lawyer marketing.  Practice development is a skill we learn and protect, and lawyer marketing is a means to the development end.  Practice development first requires us to recognize our professional brand and what qualities make us effective and memorable.

The biggest social media mistake that legal job candidates and professionals generally make is inundating their social networks with irrelevant material, causing confusion and irritation.  A working knowledge of your audience is essential before publishing targeted information.  In deciding how to best use social media to leverage your brand, start with a marketing plan you can maintain.  Remember, when planning your content, your reader is always asking “What’s in it for me?” Your response should be to that end.

Lawyers can best use social media when they approach it as a large canvas upon which they can paint their best professional portrait.  Understanding the style of each channel of social media communication will take time, but is worth the investment.  Although social media may be cost effective, successful usage requires long term planning and commitment.  Creating and using a profile is an ongoing journey and as the sites evolve, their platforms require active participation.

The main advice for lawyers looking to make a career transition is to start with a set of blindfolds, forget for a moment where you currently work or even that you went to law school.   Then, make a list of your strengths; an honest self-assessment is necessary to determine your best career goals.  Once you feel you are on a solid path towards a career transition, just do it and don’t look back.


One response to “Meet one of the event speakers

  1. Nick – I agree absolutely with your comment. Suggest an attorney or professional in transition use LinkedIn – harmonize your profile with your resume and a good (professional) picture. Eliminate the extraneous stuff – but be sure to show a little something about your personal life (hiker, biker, wine lover etc.) as it will humanize your profile.

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