Tiffany Farber is a solo practitioner who has been practicing law since 2008. As someone who has been through transition in her career, she understands the challenges lawyers in this situation face.

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I am a huge proponent of connecting with other humans.  So, it’s probably not a shock for you to know that I started an informal group that provides members the opportunity to do just that.

Wednesday was the first meeting of the Attorneys in Transition networking group, and it went really well.  Networking events are all different.  Some of them are huge and participants can walk around and mingle with many different people.  I am all about those types of events, and I suggest that you attend them.  The goal of this Attorneys in Transition networking group is different, however.  I like to think of it like “Cheers” — somewhere you can go where everybody knows your name and where everyone is eager to help you find a job.  Okay, so that last part wasn’t technically in the song, but you get the picture.

My idea is for the group to be an intimate one, where members become friends and look forward to seeing each other every month.  I want it to be a place to come and vent about the job search, and to swap contacts.  I want everyone to know the areas of law the other members practice in so if a job opens up in that particular area, the rest of the group passes the information along to that attorney.  Wednesday night, we all came together at the Green Door Tavern and got to know each other’s backgrounds and goals. While all of us have had different experiences in our legal careers, we all have one thing in common — we are looking to find our way in this crazy market.

Not all of us are in transition.  One member works as in-house counsel at a school, but she had an intense job searching experience before she found her dream job.  She obviously did something right in her job searching process, and we are eager to hear more about her techniques.  Two other members of the group both discovered that they had experience in the same practice area.  Other members have started their own practices and gave advice to group members who were thinking of doing the same thing.

It was cool to see everyone sharing.  That’s what being a professional should be about.  At some point in our lives, someone helped us get a job or gave us advice that made us better attorneys.  I am hoping that this group continues to grow and that members will do that very same thing.  I know that I plan to help every person that I met at the meeting tonight in any way that I can.  In my career, I would not be where I am today without the help of my peers.  I plan to pay it forward.

Your challenge for next month is to attend the Attorneys in Transition networking group and share your own story.  We want to meet you.


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