Q & A with Colleen McManus

Colleen McManus is a bankruptcy attorney at Much Shelist and her practice area is corporate bankruptcy and debtor/creditor rights. She’s been practicing for 12 years.

What is the most interesting part of your practice?

The most interesting aspect of my practice area, corporate bankruptcy & debtor/creditor rights, is that it involves so many different areas of law.  One day, a criminal issue can pop up in a bankruptcy case.  The next day, I can be involved in a real estate transaction.  Bankruptcy and debtor/creditor rights touch on so many disciplines, thereby providing lots of variety and diversity in a given week.

What makes a good lawyer?

I think two key ingredients make a good lawyer:  (i) excellent knowledge of one’s practice area, and (ii) attentiveness to client needs.

What is the biggest legal news going on today?

The biggest news in my practice area right now is the banking crisis.  Never before have so many banks been in trouble and/or fearful of lending.  This crisis creates a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace and in restructuring, obviously.  But it also leads to desperate borrowers and more fraud than we’ve ever seen.


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