Q & A with Anthony R. Friedman

Anthony R. Friedman, of Leydig, Voit & Mayer, practices in the area of intellectual property with an emphasis in patent law in the chemical and biological arts.  He has been practicing for three months, and  graduated from law school at Washington University in St. Louis in May 2009.

What do you find the most interesting about your practice?

The most interesting thing about my practice is being able to see the ripple effects that pharmaceutical litigation has on the country and on the lives of ordinary people.  It is true that health care is a big topic right now, but working in the trenches and seeing how the smallest decisions in pharmaceutical litigation can affect everyone, from the rich and poor in America to savvy foreign corporations, has not only put much of the health-care debate in perspective but also added a significant human dimension to my own practice.

What makes a good lawyer?

A good lawyer is a good communicator.  This characteristic most often takes the form of a good writing skills, but good verbal skills are a close second.  I force myself to be as concise as possible and that makes my writing shorter, more understandable and more convincing.  A good lawyer persuades with half the words of a bad lawyer.

What is the biggest legal news right now, and what is its impact?

Being an intellectual property lawyer in Chicago, I was excited to see the announcement that the Intellectual Property Exchange International will be launching a patent rights exchange in Chicago early next year.  It will apparently publish some sales and price data online, which could add transparency to IP portfolios which are ascendant in American industry and commerce.  It’s exciting to see something so novel happening in Chicago and organizing a market for patent rights like this could potentially be a game changer for evaluating and licensing IP rights.


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