Quarles & Brady hosts trade delegation

In an effort to promote international business cooperation, Quarles & Brady hosted this week a trade delegation from Yibin, China.  The delegation is organized by the US-China Exchange Association, Chengdu Office, and includes business leaders and high ranking government officials.

Member of the delegation included: the vice mayor of Yibin City, Sichuan Province (GDP ranked No. 3 in the Sichuan Province); the director of Yibin Economic & Development Committee; the vice director of Yibin Administration of Work Safety; the vice director of Yibin Foreign Affairs Office; and the director of Chengdu Office, Bureau of Environmental Protection, City of Panzhi Hua.

Other members of the delegation included the president of Yibin State-Owned Enterprises and the president of Yibin Grace Group, a $560 million a year producer of viscose filament yarn, paper manufacturer, and real estate concern. Yibin Grace Group is also actively pursing investment projects in the U.S to expand its global footprint.

Partner Douglas Tucker,  chairman of the China law group at Quarles & Brady, said the firm has a good relationship with the city of Yibin, Sichuan Province. When people from the city said they were planning to visit the U.S. to investigate expanding into this country, the firm suggested they visit Chicago and helped show them around, Tucker said.

During their tour they went to such places as the Art Institute and Lincoln Park, he said. They also met different potential business connections.

He said it’s very important to the Chinese that they have good advisors because they are leery of the American legal system and American lawyers. What fasciliates business transactions is having good legal counsel that are willing to look out for them, he said. The firm has worked to understand their customs, and traditions so it can best serve them.

“For Quarles & Brady and any law firm trying to expand their business in China, business relationships are everything to [Chinese clients],” he said.

“We are showing them the same level of hospitality that they show to us when we are in China,” Tucker said. “That is the type of thing that builds relationships.”

Having strong relationships with other countries means law firms can better serve their American clients that have business outside the United States, he said.

“On the flip side the world is changing,” he said. “When I was growing up China was a poor country. These days capitalization flows two ways. It may be flowing one way, China to the U.S. It would be a big loss to not serve our Chinese clients.”


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