Q & A with Leonard F. Amari

Another member of the May 8 Attorneys in Transition panel will be Leonard F. Amari.

He has been a private practitioner for 40 years, and is president of The John Marshall Law School Board of Trustees.

What are your top three pieces of advice for a lawyer looking for his or her next job?
— Be aggressive, as aggressive in finding a job as doing a job, 9 to 5, every day;
— Recognize that most Chicagoland lawyers are small firm and solo practitioners without a hiring policy, game plan, or mid-to-long range career plan. They hire who is at their office door when they need to hire, or, as was my case, when someone pointed out to me how valuable they would be if I hired them even though it was not on the agenda;
— Network, network, network.

How should lawyers keep busy while they look for a job?
See the answer above and exhaust the suggestions they’ll receive at this seminar.

What do you hope those who attend the event will take away from or learn from the panel discussion?
That they are not alone, that the legal profession is a mentoring profession, that they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help, career guidance, (networking, networking…).


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