Q & A with Alexis Reed

We’d like you to meet another one of the panel members who will be participating in the Attorneys in Transition event on May 8 at The John Marshall Law School.

Alexis Reed is an attorney search director with Special Counsel. She has been in legal recruiting with the company for two years. Prior to joining Special Counsel, she was a practicing attorney with Nisen & Elliott, focusing on commercial litigation and bankruptcy.

What are your top three pieces of advice for a lawyer looking for his or her next job?

  • Do not panic— put your analytical thought process and training together in order to perform a comprehensive and rational job search.
  • Make sure all of your documentation, including a resume, cover letter and transcripts, are in order and prepared in both a paper and electronic format.
  • Follow up consistently on every lead and every resume submission.

How should lawyers keep busy while they look for a job?

Consider working as a contract or temporary attorney through an agency like Special Counsel. Contract projects allow you to stay busy, earn income and network with not only your peers, but also with decision-makers in the legal community.

What do you hope those who attend the event will take away from or learn from the panel discussion?

I hope that the attendees will leave the event knowing how to put themselves in the best possible position in order to perform their job searches. I also hope that the attendees will leave the event knowing that while the job market may be soft right now, they all have a lot to offer the legal community.


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