Q & A with Jeffrey C. Simon

The “Attorneys in Transition” event on May 8 will have five panelists talking about the job market and offering tips about finding that next job. We will be doing a Q & A with each of the panelist throughout the coming weeks.

One of the panelists is Jeffrey C. Simon, CFP, Financial Consultant, RBC Wealth Management. Jeff has been in wealth management since 1994 and has experienced numerous market cycles and uncertain economic conditions.

What are your top three pieces of advice for a lawyer looking for his or her next job?

  • Set realistic financial expectations and draft a survival budget.
  • Consider rolling your old employer’s 401(k) into an IRA.
  • Review your investments and consider creating more liquidity.

How should lawyers keep busy while they look for a job?

They should set up a support network and connect with everyone they know. For networking, it is not always who you know but who the people who the people you know are connected to.

What do you hope those who attend the event will take away from or learn from the panel discussion?

I hope that the attendees leave the event with resources and an understanding for making the right financial decisions during this difficult, yet opportunistic, time.


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