A few job tips

Amy McCormack, co-president of McCormack Schreiber Legal Search Inc., offers the following tips for lawyers looking for their next position:

  • Whether you are employed or have been laid off keep a good working resume. It should be a fluid document that gets tailored to the positions that arise. Some firms receive hundreds of resumes and look for the buzzwords that set candidates apart from each other.
  • Don’t forget to network. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Touch base with college friends, law school friends, family, and colleagues from past jobs. Use social networking sites because many businesses look at profiles when looking for employees.
  • Look outside the box. Don’t go to the same job sites time and again; check out sites you wouldn’t think would have jobs. If you always go to acc.com, also check out Career Builder. Don’t forget specialty legal publications that are geared to your practice area.
  • Don’t rule out contract and temporary work, because many people land good positions through that work. At the same time, the work will help you make money.
  • Volunteer. McCormack says she knows of a number of job candidates who do pro bono work or volunteer in their communities. They often stumble across job and business development opportunities while volunteering.
  • Be flexible and open-minded. Some candidates have this mindset that they don’t want to take the first job opportunity after being laid off and they become too picky, McCormack said.

“We are in a whole new world, and you cannot evaluate new job opportunities right now as you might have evaluated them two years ago,” she said. “It’s just not necessarily realistic.”

Look at every opportunity very carefully because they will come along far less frequently than you would hope.


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